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Twitter from the very beginning it allowed it’s users to share short, text-based updates of nothing more than 140 characters. Jack Dorsey the creator of Twitter created the social networking site on March 21, 2006. Today, it is deemed to be quite an effective online marketing tool for our social media activities. It is really interesting to see how a set of 140 characters can simply sum up emotions, feelings, news, and product updates.

Since Twitter Marketing has lots of micro-blogging segments, I am going to focus only on the Twitter Followers portion. In this post, I am going to discuss how you can quickly gain more Twitter Followers without actually following them back 😉

Grow your Twitter Followers Ethically

Getting Twitter Followers is Easy if You Cheat (but Rewarding and Real if You Don't)In order to increase your Followers on Twitter you will need a strategy. Now the process that I am going to discuss doesn’t include BUYING FANS This particular shortcut is being taken into account by the advance algorithms on these social networking platforms. It won’t get you too far and will only lead to suspension of your Twitter Account.

The basic concept of tweeting revolves around how efficient you’re in getting your messages go viral. If you thought joining Twitter and simply tweeting out your updates will help you to gain followers for free without following back then you’re living so far away from the truth. Twitter isn’t just about your updates!

The free and easy ways to increasing twitter followers for FREE are as follows –

1. Authentic Content with Regular Updates
The power of authentic tweets has no limits! Being consistent in your tweeting schedule is the most important factor here. Your updates are like your own messages for the entire world to read. If the users start getting valuable updates like any kind of interesting information, tips and tricks then they tend to build a natural liking towards your profile.

2. Must have an impressive Bio with a clean Profile Picture
Your Twitter Profile’s Bio is limited by 160 characters so your self introduction should be short and precise. Try to create your Bio as impressive as possible. It should solve the visitor’s question – Who is this person? Why should I follow him/her?
The moment it strikes the visitor you already got yourself a new Follower 😉

A clean, decent profile isn’t complete without a proper Header Image with a smiling and cheerful profile picture. Personally, I don’t like profiles with gloomy faces 😛 Of course this depends from person-to-person but I kinda see it that way 🙂

3. Follow people whom you consider Experts and Leaders in your segment
While reading this you might think that this post is about growing your Twitter Followers without following back but how come Swayam is telling us to follow users? You’re right from your perspective but think about it! If you’re following the experts personally you would gain more knowledge from them 😉 If some of the Leaders follow you back then you too will get their followers from them without actually following these new users back!

4. Your Twitter account must reflect on your Brand
If you’re using your Twitter account as a Brand Personnel then the information you’re providing must match up with your social media Brand. In some cases, I have seen an information-mismatch kinda situation! This usually happens when you’re not sure how to gain twitter followers and try tweeting out everything you can to grow your numbers. You won’t succeed if you follow that kind of social media marketing strategy!

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5. Promoting your Twitter Profile URL everywhere
It’s really great if you can send out your Twitter Profile URL along with your white hat seo, press releases, guest posts. Areas where users would love to connect with you. As the exposure of your social media marketing elements increases your Twitter Profile will also start showing signs of life.

6. Using HashTags in your Tweets
The Power of HashTags in Twitter Marketing is truly immense. By using the Now Trending topics you can launch your Tweet into the viral medium. Specific hashtags like #FollowFriday gives additional boost of followers. If you’re into a specific industry like #SEO or #SMO then try placing these hashtags within your tweets related to these topics.

7. Let your Twitter Background project who you are
This might not be known to most of you but Twitter backgrounds have a secret power. The power of talking (projecting) through images. Let’s say you’ve a website and you’re promoting a service through social media marketing in Kolkata – it’s vital to redesign your Twitter background that will display your Logo, Service features and other unique selling propositions. Once a visitor lands on your Twitter Profile, he/she isn’t just reading your tweets. Our eyes searches for every bit of information that can be obtained in those very moments of contact. So use your background picture wisely!

8. How about doing Twitter Contests with Special Discounts + Giveaways
Everybody loves Freebies, Trial Offers 😉 You can tweet out your Brand’s special offers to your target audience in order to attract more followers. Recently, I was working on a social media campaign where the Brand’s sunglasses was being sold at a discount if the buyer mentioned the brand’s name in a tweet 😉 The Twitter campaign was small but it brought in nearly 6,500 targeted Twitter Followers.

9. Transforming Yourself into an Authority
It’s usually difficult to create your own niche and make your audience listen to you. It takes time and considerable amount of effort to make it happen. Once you really do become an Authority in your niche you will simply rock the stage! How you can be an Authority is completely upto you but for starting up you can write and eBook, send out valuable Podcasts, something interesting 😉

10. Start interacting with your Followers and Industry Experts
An active Twitter profile is more likely to attract Followers for free rather than a stale Twitter account. Having an active social media profile on Twitter will actually help you stop losing twitter followers. Tweet out to your new Followers – get to know each other! Try asking your doubts and questions to the Experts.

11. Track Follower Analytics to increase effectiveness of your Twitter marketing campaigns
Twitter has an in-house analytics program but it’s just limited to those that advertize through their platform. You can check out You can use this tool to keep track of your Twitter Followers movement.

12. When is the best time to Tweet?
The hidden problem in Twitter marketing is the right Time to send out your Tweet. You, obviously don’t want to tweet when your target audience is sleeping 😉 lol 🙂 Since we all live in different Time Zones we have to adjust our tweet times according to our Target Audience. Here’s a cool post from where they have a nice little infographic explaining the time metrics!

Phew! So that was quite a lot of information for you! If you don’t understand any point tweet me @Das_Swayam. Remember your main focus should be to increase your Twitter profile’s marketing focus and give it maximum exposure for the others to see 😉

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