How to Improve Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing is evolving at a fast rate. Nowadays, it isn’t limited to just creating your account on popular social media networking sites. Although it starts from the very basic, it takes more effort to improve a local level social media marketing strategy. From the time when social media rose to a new level and opened a new scope for digital marketing, top companies have been investing in it. It’s the place where you get the desired attention for your products and your brands.

Modern day companies can’t afford to ignore it. I have seen several companies who have created their social media presence but their accounts simply reflect a feeling that is like – boring, stale, backdated kind of approach.

I guess, the important factor in every Social Media Marketing Strategy is if you don’t update + if you don’t feel your audience — you will be shown the EXIT sign. Top Tier companies are already investing to become visible to their target audience. Some of them like Ford, T-Mobile, Old Spice, Johnson Baby are really connecting with their customers. The way they have integrated their online presence into their business strategy – is simply marvelous!

Tips to Boost your Social Media Marketing Strategy

So if you’re thinking about “Hey I already do have similar kinda idea about approaching my customers Socially but how do I improve that?”. Well my Friend, you have come to the right place! The following tips will help you strengthen your approach to your customers:

  1. Do you know your Target Audience? – If you feel like “Yeah! I know them.” then kindly skip to the next point. However, keep in mind that if your Focus is wrong then you will be building your empire on house of cards. Getting relevant customers will help you turn down your costs in the long run. You want to run your campaign for the people who are interested in your products. So that once your margins are filled in you can actually get a boost in sales.
  2. Are your Updates engaging with your Consumers? – There’s no doubt that social media marketing reaches out to a vast majority of online people. The real key to success is defined by the updates that you send. The social platform is so powerful that 1 (one) single update can rock your boat. Engage yourself to your community. Take the time out to reply to their questions. Be it on your Twitter or to improve your social media marketing strategy
  3. Customers love Companies that listen – I believe that a company’s think tank isn’t restricted to their managements. It’s the consumers that hold the real opinion and can judge products better. Social Media gives you the opportunity to listen to your customers. Prepare yourself that they aren’t satisfied and if you don’t listen to them your competitor will.
  4. Let your prospects know more about you – Start a blog and keep it updated with informative content. It’s not always a good idea to post just about your Brand. Sometimes talk about the industry as well. Make your blog the perfect spot where visitors can land and get interested about your products.
  5. You need to stay connected – Update your contact details on places where your audience will be able to see them like – Facebook Page & Profile. On the other hand, mention your social media channels in your emails, business cards and product brochures. Cross promoting your links is a good strategy to exchange audience from one platform to another. It’s like I update my Facebook page with my Twitter Profile details. Later on, I do just the reverse.
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Few Secrets for your Social Media Strategy

I hope the above tips helped you out on your queries, I still got some secrets left. If you want you can read them 😉

  • Post Updates that have Value – Your updates should not complicated or something that takes time to understand. It should be short and simple. Using the values + importance of #hashtags, @replies in your tweets will simply mess up your reader’s mind.
  • Spread out your Updates evenly – In order to get started and improve your social media success you need to plan your updates. You might not get it right in the first attempt but observing and testing is the key to success. Initially you schedule your updates accordingly so that you get to know when’s the right time!
  • A single Picture can be worth 1000 words – Update your timeline with Pictures that hold value for your Business or Brand. Pictorial representation is the best means of communication that works at the back of the consumer’s mind.

So that’s basically it! If you have any valuable tips then comment them. Also, if you feel this post might help someone – please do share!

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Swayam Das is a Kolkata (India) based Online Marketing Strategist and the sole author of this Social Media Blog. You can follow him on Twitter @das_swayam , Google+ , Facebook and LinkedIn.

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