Importance of Using Pinterest for Business Marketing

Over years, Pinterest has evolved a lot more from a digital pinboard to a hub of interesting information in the form of pins and have also grown as an opportunity for businesses to research, analyze and even market ideas to work on. At present, there are more than 70 million users on Pinterest. To add to the fact, these users have gathered there in just a short period of three years. This audience and visit number to time taken ratio comes in as one of the most attractive things about Pinterest and makes it a crucial and considerable place for local business marketing.

Look in below to know and explore about the importance of Pinterest for Business Marketing.

1. Gets You Know What’s Popular?

Pinterest is a great platform to know that what is popular and trending at present. One can always see the popular and trending pins on Pinterest and can get to know about what people like and love. One can also get an idea about what their competitor businesses are trying to build or research about by stalking at their pins and followings. That’s also certain if one can optimize their pins according to what’s popular then one can surely get some light in the dark!

Key mantra is: Analyze the trending pins, stalk your competitors and optimize your pins.

2. Brings in Traffic

Pinterest is known to be standing as the third largest social network that’s growing at a huge pace. With a huge audience and user base, Pinterest stands as a platform that could be used by businesses to market their products/ideas and also get huge numbers of referral traffic. In a recent survey, it was discovered that Pinterest sent more referral traffic than Google plus and YouTube combined together. This makes Pinterest really considerable to market ideas and get targeted referral traffic.

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Getting traffic from Pinterest is easy as a piece of cake and all one needs to do is to make one’s content pinnable, which means that users can pin the image from the content and boom! Now that the content is pinned, you are bound to get higher amount of targeted traffic on your business.

So, the mantra lies in: Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your business by making people pin your content.

3. Expands Social Reach

Other than driving referral traffic, Pinterest can also be used as a platform by businesses to expand the reach of their audience. To achieve the same purpose, one can use group board by partnering up with pinners who already have a large following user base and by doing so; one can themself get some exposure too.

One real life example, I read on some blog, is of Better Homes and Gardens. It used to be a company which didn’t have much Pinterest followers but then, they partnered up with Jennifer Chong, who was having more than two Million followers then. Jennifer worked to pin the content from BHG website at Pinterest which exposed the content to more than two million people, which were the followers of Jennifer Chong and eventually, the BHG board at Pinterest grew and this day, it is having more than three million followers of its own. This way, businesses will not only get benefits of added exposure but will eventually, build their own user base following.

So, the mantra is Expand your reach, collaborate and grow bigger.

4. Helps you Interact Directly and Gain Trust

Pinterest, apart from helping a business analyze its market needs, driving traffic etc., also presents itself as a platform that allows businesses to interact with their audience, followers and gradually, gain trust and build healthy relationships. Businesses can connect to them by bringing in a process of frequent pinning of trending and interesting stuff at Pinterest.

Actually, in practical notes, businesses can command their marketing teams to communicate and interacts at their Pinterest Boards to know what their customers and audiences feel about their products. The businesses should also pin other materials other than their basic product domain stuff to engage a broader set of people with their pins. This doesn’t only lets you grow big in terms of having a following, but also gets your audience engage with your every board pin.

So, the basic mantra lies in: Engage with your target and gain trust. Pinterest allows you to do so.

To sum up, Pinterest is the social network of virtual pin board, presenting unlimited potential and powers to market the business ideas. Below we have an interesting infographic created by –

A Guide to Using Pinterest for Business

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