Stop Losing Twitter Followers to Start Gaining More Twitter Followers

Losing Twitter followers every now and then is as common as the number on the net that goes up and down. If you however find yourself losing major number of followers in a very short period of time then it’s probably because something you did. Maintaining an online twitter profile properly can sometimes be challenging. This article right here will help you stay away from making the most common yet important mistakes that most of the Twitter users do for getting free twitter followers without following.

By observing several twitter accounts, it appears that users who are in a hurry to get free followers on Twitter without following back usually end up losing the already interested users.

Losing Twitter Followers? Here’s your Top 10 Reasons:

1. Irregularity: if you decide to appear on your account from nowhere after a long period of time and expect everyone to retweet you then you live in fools paradise my friend. When you become irregular and do not make connection with your followers then you become just a number to them and nothing else. So do maintain and check your profile everyday to stay updated.

2. Promoting products: no matter what type of celebrity or well known person you are, the moment you decide to promote products to your followers you are sure to lose some of the followers immediately. And when I say some one I mean most of them. So be very careful while advertising for your products. It must not seem pushy and you should not promote items all the time.

3. Retweet too much? : Don’t be a dummy robot and retweet every comment with little to no humor. It will make your followers uncomfortable as well as they will feel like you have nothing to say for your own. And they would feel that they might follow the original tweeter rather than you who retweet every time.

4. Proper Tweeting Language: don’t forget that your words are out there judging your characters. So under any circumstances you should not use slang, or bad words to and individual or a community. If you attack anyone personally with your sharp words, it will be considered as cyber bullying which will lead you to lose followers faster than you could ever imagine.

5. Insignificant Tweets: if you tweet about lots of boring dull topics it will never get twitter followers attention so you need to make your comments relevant to keep your followers intact.

6. Enough or under tweets: sometimes it is seems that you don’t tweet properly or constantly. If you don’t tweet than you are almost lost in the midst of new people. You need to make them feel your presence to get proper attention. And sometime people tweet all the time. The followers get annoyed seeing all those unwanted tweets in their tweet feed. This may cause you losing followers.

7. Using Capital letters: using your caps lock on for every tweet doesn’t make it special or important. It means that you are rubbing your tweets in your followers face. It is not a bit interesting but irritating.

8. Intimate tweets: Don’t post too personal tweets all the time as your followers can’t relate to that. On the other hand don’t promote your product also every time you start twitting. You need to find a balance, a common spot between personal and professional. You can always share your love for music and movies which is easily relatable for your followers.

9. Replying to others: if you don’t reply to other’s tweet to you then it simply being rude. And people don’t like to follow a rude person so they will just end up getting rid of you.

10. Using the space: of course there is a limit of word space when it comes to twitter but that doesn’t mean that you can get away with writing less than what is needed. Sometime business people tweet so little in one post that it is really hard to understand what they are actually trying to say. It is annoying at the same time inconvenient. So use your space properly and choose characters wisely. Add interesting and colorful photos that will attract and thus help you get more followers on twitter without following back.

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