Top 5 Tips in Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Social media marketing is an essential feature of promoting your small business. To set up an efficient social media marketing approach, a fundamental realization of the relationship between the social media and business is required. You can say that social media marketing is a form of an art and with the accurate social marketing solution, company or business owners can rule it to enhance the … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing in Kolkata – Digital Media Marketing Scenario

Social Media Marketing in Kolkata is being served with lots of love in terms of digitial marketing outreach as well as driving the local market in Kolkata! Various targeted online marketing campaigns are being setup for local clients here in Kolkata. With the help of social networking sites, the digital media agencies seem to be booming with local clients. The true potential lies in their social … [Read more...]

How Social Media Marketing can help Small Business Growth

Social Media is the new form of communication that has taken over the world by storm over the past few years. Almost everyone now-a-days is a part of various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to name a few. Social networking sites are overflowing with users like never before as more than a billion people from all over the world are using Facebook, Twitter comparatively being … [Read more...]

How to Improve Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing is evolving at a fast rate. Nowadays, it isn’t limited to just creating your account on popular social media networking sites. Although it starts from the very basic, it takes more effort to improve a local level social media marketing strategy. From the time when social media rose to a new level and opened a new scope for digital marketing, top companies have been investing … [Read more...]

Rise of Social Media Marketing in 2013

In 2004 when a couple of social media visionaries got together to develop what is today one of the greatest social companies ever created, did they have in mind the rise of social media marketing - or has it been the market that has pushed for the creation of this new strategy in business promotion? Businesses worldwide are now revitalizing their social media marketing strategy to include goals … [Read more...]