Top 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives for 2015

Are You thinking about Alternative Publisher Networks for Monetizing Your Blog? Or did you just get banned from using Google Adsense? Well the truth be told – AdSense is undoubtedly, the every newbie blogger’s dream method of earning money.

In fact every other blogger who thinks of monetizing their blogs thinks of Google Adsense. The problem occurs with the rules and regulations of Google Adsense. It is quite different as compared to other ad-networks and it is really tough for somebody to get approved for Google Adsense.

In addition to that, once your Google revenue earning account is approved there is a fear that constantly scares the bloggers is the fear of getting adsense account banned due to any other reason, like increasing CTR etc.

So, by the time you either think of applying and getting approved for Google Adsense or when you run short on one Google Adsense account due to being blocked, following can be considered to generate revenues.

Here’s a List of the Best 10 Adsense Alternatives:

adsense alternatives industry review

#1. Infolinks – Suite of Smart Ad Units

Infolinks is one of the most premier in-text advertising networks present which allows one to make money on pay per click basis. Infolinks indexes one’s page to look for keywords and phrases that are not redirecting to anywhere originally to convert them into hyperlinks of advertisers. Infolinks LogoIt’s generally regarded as one of the greatest AdSense alternatives present and can also be used alongside AdSense. It is also quite easy to get approved by Infolinks. They say that if one’s got some decent content on one’s blog then it should get approved with no problems in the first go only. This also doesn’t require a website to have high traffic like other ad-networks. Though, Infolinks is known to be generating bigger pay-outs as income for blogs with very high traffic.

Pay-out: $50(PayPal or echeck), $100(wire transfer or western union)

Visit Link – Infolinks Website

#2. Chitika – Online Advertising Network
Chitika is an ad-network that is very similar to AdSense. This allows one to customize one’s ads as in the case with AdSense to have better click rates and an increasing CTR. Chitika LogoBut the bad part is that it only serves contextual ads. However, it can also be used along with AdSense as well. To increase revenue, Chitika uses its proprietary “Click Prediction” technology to show some selected ads so as to have an increased CTR and better revenue generation rates.

Pay-out: $10(PayPal), $50(Check)

Visit Link – Chitika Website

#3. Kontera – Big Data Content Marketing Platform
Kontera is an ad-network that is quite similar to Infolinks in the nature of the ads. However it is difficult to get approved by Kontera as compared to approval rates at Infolinks. Kontera LogoIn addition to that it is known to only work well if one has most of one’s traffic from US/Canada or other European states. But still, it’s always regarded as a good alternative present for AdSense in the required countries. At Kontera, CPC ranges from $0.001 to $0.4. Another good fact is one can always use it alongside AdSense to have more revenues generated if one’s blog is getting traffic from UK/USA based states.

Pay-out: $50(PayPal, wire or Check)

Visit Link – Kontera Website

#4. BuySellAds – Online Advertising Network
Buy Sell Ads is a direct advertisement network for selling/purchasing space on homepage or header/footer for advertising at one’s website. Buy Sell Ads is known to generate higher revenues for blogs having good authority and traffic quantities. BuySellAds LogoIt allows one to sell advertisement space unit to multiple customers, depending on the traffic they need. If one has decent stats associated with one’s blog, then one can really make some good and fast cash from Buy Sell Ads. However, the sad part is that it does not approve blogs or websites really easily. BuySellAds is generally known to verify and analyze blog’s Google PageRank, Moz Domain Authority, traffic stats before they approve any blog/website to join in.

Pay-out: $50(PayPal or check)

Visit Link – BuySellAds Website

#5. – Bing Network Contextual Ads Program is an ad network that is a collaboration of Yahoo and Bing. LogoOne of the major advantages of is its ability to allow publishers to customize their ads in terms of styling and others as per their own choice to have in better CTR and more exposure to ads. Once one’s account gets approved as a publisher, the publisher account is provided with a separate account manager who will help the publisher in any possible way with the ads and customization processes.

Pay-out: $100(PayPal or wire transfer)

Visit Link – Website

#6. Clicksor – Online Contextual Advertising Network

Clicksor is an ad-network that is considered a very good alternative to AdSense. Clicksor LogoClicksor offers banner, text and pop-up ads. Also, it is easier to get approved with Clicksor as a publisher to publish ads. CPC ranges from $0.01 to $0.5, $2+ per thousand views of pop-ups.

Pay-out: $20(PayPal), $50 (check)

Visit Link – Clicksor Website

#7. BidVertiser – Pay Per Click Advertising On Sites Of Your Choice

Bidvertiser is an ad network that is also considered an alternative to AdSense. Bidvertiser LogoAlso, getting approved for Bidvertiser as a publisher is relatively quite easy. However, CPC is a little lower and ranges from $0.01 to $0.2. But, it is always good for blogs that are starting up or for ones that have some good amounts of traffic.

Pay-out: $10(PayPal)

Visit Link – BidVertiser Website

#8. Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is another amazing ad-network, considered to be a very good alternative to AdSense. Tribal Fusion LogoBut, Tribal Fusion is really difficult to get approved with as it requires minimum 500,000 page views per month from a blog to get approved. CPM ranges $0.2 to $1 and that is really good to have big pay cheques peeping in. Thus, once one gets approved for Tribal Fusion, one can really make even more fat cash as compared to AdSense.

Pay-out: $50(check)

Visit Link – Tribal Fusion Website

#9. – Your Innovative, Non-Intrusive, Exit-traffic Monetization Solution!

Exit Junction is one of the best alternatives to AdSense if one’s blog/website has some good amount of traffic. Also, it is really easy getting approved at Exit Junction and obtain a publisher account. Exit Junction LogoThe thing that keeps Exit Junction different from other ad-networks is the way it works. For every visitor that leaves the blog, this pops up a pop-up consisting of an advertisement. As the visitor clicks on that pop-up, the advertisement opens up and the blog gets paid for the same. That is why, Exit Junction is also known to have fairly good CTR.

Pay-out: $25(PayPal or check)

Visit Link – Exit Junction Website

#10. Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads

Yahoo! Bing Contextual Ad Network LogoYahoo! Bing Network is an ad-network that is considered a very good AdSense alternative. However, similar to AdSense, it is also hard to get approved by as a publisher. Average CPC ranges from $0.05 to 1$

Pay-out: $100(PayPal or wire transfer)

Visit Link – Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads Website

Above are all the top Adsense Alternatives that can be used to effectively monetise the traffic on the blogs. To know more about them Click on their respective Website Link.

Happy Earning!

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