Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Owners

Social Media Marketing Campaigns are growing strong now-a-days more than ever. It is already proven as an important and major business online marketing + advertising tool for all kind of big and small industry helping them promote their business to a large number of people.
Twitter is one of the most famous social media that helps to combine and connect people from various groups forming a large community, providing the proper market to post and promote ads for a product in a very proper and affordable way.

Small business or a new-born company looks for many a prospect to increase their popularity to a wide audience so marketing in a social media like twitter is something these types of industry can’t afford to lose. The impact is quite wide-spread, for example – in my city: Kolkata, companies and institutes have already started embracing social media marketing to target local business prospects.

Twitter marketing tips on how you can increase your social media marketing technique through Twitter

Here are few basic social media marketing tips on how you can increase your marketing technique through Twitter –

  1. Regularity: Be active and tweet regularly; it is the first and foremost rule. You must not be a stranger and appear from nowhere to start honking your company’s motto. No one will be interested in what you have to say. If you stay online daily that will help you built your presence and acceptance among your followers.
  2. Less formal: Don’t be just representative of products or brands; be yourself. Nobody wants to follow a brand name. Be funny and full of human touch while twitting as this will enhance your chances to get retweeted more. If your tweets are all serious and grave than it is much unlikely to be followed by many.
  3. Be cooperative: Help your followers from time to time. You must answer their questions and quarries as it will build you product value among customers and those who get to see the tweets. Moreover they will start to trust you and your brand.
  4. Less spamming, more twitting: you must always remember that it is a social network so you cannot treat it as a system to sell your product to your customers directly. Twitter or any social networking sites doesn’t work that way. You need not spam every tweet that you don’t like because it may build you a reputation of being a spammer. Your followers won’t retweet you any longer and you will soon start to lose your followers.
  5. Retweet others: this is a major point to consider. If you expect your followers to retweet what you post than they might expect you to do the same. So don’t be priggish and retweet what you find interesting, it may not be of your sphere and benefit you directly but believe me it will benefit you at the end as people will consider you thoughtful and with every tweets you will be getting more and more attention; so you see there is no loss for anybody.

twitter marketing tips for promoting your business online

Here are some Special Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

  1. Promote your blog and sites: don’t be shy to promote your own content. If you have a blog made about your company which posts fresh articles every now and then; you should promote it in twitter. You will be surprised to see the result. So why not give it a try? And if you don’t have a site or blog made for the purpose of your business then you should immediately consider making and sharing it.
  2. Interacting with Twitter Followers: every once in a while engage in a conversation with your Twitter followers to build a relationship with them. It doubles your chances to get retweeted as you will no longer be just a stranger to them. This practice also helps in reaching out to prospective Twitter followers and adding more to the social media momentum.
  3. Add your personal touch: don’t just talk about business all the time. Post your daily life updates making it look like you are a real person with family and friends so that followers and others can relate to you. It is very important to build a major connection with as many followers as you can in the juvenile state of your production when you are still trying to make it big.
  4. Follow the leader: you must follow the expert who inspire you and can help you to grow. Follow those who are in your niche and learn from them and also get contacts from them to various important links. Most importantly search who their followers with similar interests are and start following them too.
  5. Small company; talk big: though you have a small business you don’t certainly need to feel that way. You must talk about your company’s future and how you want to provide for customers. You can also feature and retweet those tweets of satisfied customers of your business.

Don’t forget to send a personal ‘thank you’ note to those who retweet you. Maintain a healthy and friendly relationship with everyone in twitter. Spread the positive energy as you are here representing your business.

Twitter also has their own knowledge base for helping out Smaller Businesses. For more information on Twitter’s own set of promotional services visit –

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