Top 5 White Hat SEO Techniques For Small Businesses

Starting any type of business involves making out a plan. A plan for everything, right from getting funds to starting the business to market the whole idea. Once they get a brandable name for the company and they kick start in the thing, they need to publicize the whole thing to drive in good leads and eventually, revenue too. Doing SEO to the official website for the same can really help a business get targeted audience and thereby, get more profits.

But what should be a right approach to implement the same? One may also ask that why does one’s business need white hat SEO for generating a better visibility?

Well, the following has got all the answers. 😀

Why do I need White Hat SEO for my small business?

There are statistics saying that there are 300 million searches on internet everyday out of which 70% use it for online shopping and 25% do look out for local solutions. So, doing SEO the right way not only gets you more visits to your ideas and services from search engines but doing it the White Hat way keeps it coming in the long run too. White Hat SEO is in accordance with the general search engines’ recommendations and are not at all deceptive. Adopting White Hat SEO methodologies gives one an edge over every other website adopting Black Hat methods when it comes to getting penalized.

So where SEO is important to keep targeted visits coming in, there White Hat SEO is required to keep the same consistent over a longer time.

Top 5 White Hat SEO Techniques you should adopt for your small business –

  1. Never forget, ON-PAGE SEO still rules the game – On Page SEO is managing all the page factors such that they influence the web crawlers and help one get rankings in SERPs. There are several search engines such as Google, Bing and others which can be mastered to drive traffic from. Each of the search engines have their own lines set up for On Page but for the extended meaning all of them end up in a general note.
    Read authentic SEO techniques by Google here.
    Apart from Google(that holds almost 70% of the people searching online), there are other search engines too that can be mastered relatively with an ease and can be used to drive traffic. As per the statistics, Google holds 900 million unique visitors/month, followed by Bing holding upto 165 million visitors/month. Several other engines that can be thought of mastering are Yahoo(160 million visitors/month), Ask(125 million visitors/month) and AOL(33 million visitors/month). is also a good source to study On Page from. Read here.
  2. Leverage SEO from social media and market your service for FREE – Social media has always been there to connect people. But over the ages, social media has also grown up as a platform to share ideas and services. One can definitely leverage social media to get a bigger audience to the services one offers and so, social media has definitely evolved as one legit white hat SEO way to generate leads.
    Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Stumble Upon, Twitter and Google+ are one of the most important ones to consider. To know more about how social media can help businesses become actual brands click here. So marketers must make out for an exact ad strategy for their campaigns on social media platforms before they make their services open to public.
    Basic mantra of Facebook marketing campaign lies in: Building Fan pages, promoting them, build a fan base and utilizing it 😉Infact Google+ has a lot to do to leverage SEO from. This social network from Google is becoming the game-changer today. Analysts have made it that the links having more Google +1s have a higher tendency to get indexed the soonest. Google Authorship is another thing to leverage benefits from.
  3. Always remember, Content is the king – Content Marketing is one of the most fundamental ways to promote a service or a website. Good content is always shared and liked by everybody and once people start finding it important and interesting, they love to share it and eventually, it can act as ‘Word of Mouth’ publicity too. So, good content, not only drives you targeted audience but also gets you more eyes to look out at your services. Businesses can also try on with infographics and interesting videos and leverage social media to promote the same. Infographics do pretty well on Pinterest. The website also needs to have quality content on every page that not only keeps people attached but also relate to what is needed by the people checking on with relating services online. So, good content is not only preferred by search engines but it also helps to get more visits the other way too. Using good and enriching content on your social media can also work in favor for your brand. For example – by tweeting interesting updates by with the help of proper #hashtags you can easily increase your twitter followers.
  4. Be consistent in Guest Blogging – Promote your website and guest post on all the big blogs you know. This not only gets you to leverage their traffic to promote your service but also help you to acquire a personality online. When you stay consistent in guest blogging, it not only helps you stay connected with the bosses of the industry but also help you build professional relations that are not only sound but also get you to observe what’s working in there and what trends in. Guest Blogging is in its uptrend for SEO and quality link building. Using Google Authorship will help as an Author to get more exposure. For example, you can use the Author Name and hyperlink it to its Google Plus profile such as this example – Swayam Das. It has been observed that companies having more than 50 blog articles have seen 77% increase in their median monthly leads. Also 31.1% of consumers that use the Internet consider a brand’s blog to be the second most influential factor before they move to making a purchase. Blogging has also taken businesses to a new level and one can leverage a blog relating to the services provided by a business to grow their sales. So guest blogging can not only help you grow yourself but can also make your blog grow with a constant passage of link juice and other SEO factors that count in.
  5. Work hard to build your own email marketing database – People do read their mails everyday but they don’t read blogs or search for products online everyday. So building an email database becomes an act of prime importance. Building an email database with the emails of people who are interested in the kind of services one delivers, can not only help one drive traffic but can also help one grow on one’s sales. Newsletters can be sent by business owners in a scheduled manner to inform people about the services they deliver. One basic mantra to sending emails to people lies in respecting their privacy and so one does not need to spam their subscriber’s inbox anytime.
    Remember it’s the customer that makes up for a business to grow and so, customer satisfaction is the thing always needed.

Drop in your comments. Share. Let’s discuss about all other possible techniques to grow business.

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