Top 7 Ways to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business

According to Twitter experts, business leaders, and marketing professionals, 140 characters is all it takes to strike gold for your business in the field of online marketing.

As of November 2013, Twitter already had over 232M active monthly users, about 53M of which were based in the US.

There is therefore no doubt that the social networking site is a very potent tool for Twitter marketing & promoting your Business online – if you know how to harness that potential.

So how can You Promote Your Business on Twitter?

So, how can you use Twitter for promoting your business? Following are 7 of the top ways to achieve the objective:

  1. By optimizing your Twitter bio – You have to make sure that your company’s identity and voice are well-branded. Your bio should clearly tell people who you are and what your company is all about. Include a link to your landing page or company website. Tweet on a consistent tone to make people clearly understand what your company does. Otherwise, your readers may confuse your company(business) with another competitor.
  2. By seeking the involvement of colleagues – Ideally, you should first seek help in building your brand from within your inner circle. Request your co-workers, friends, and family to follow you on Twitter, and to tweet, retweet, and engage in anything about your business.
  3. By finding out who the experts and influencers in your niche are, and regularly interacting with them – To do this, you can use search tools for Twitter such as Topsy to find people in your industry – perhaps 100 of the top influencers in your particular niche including media, bloggers, writers, prospective partners, and potential clients, among others – who can help you promote your business, and add them in a private list and follow them.
    twitter marketing tips for promoting your business online
    Initiate regular interaction; if possible, on a daily basis. Just be helpful and casual, not promotional. Try to build genuine relationships and explore possibilities for collaboration.
  4. By tweeting on a regular basis – Tweeting regularly shows that your profile is active and healthy. If you only tweet once a month or even once a week, and you don’t keep up with others in the industry, people will forget about your brand. Tweeting on a daily basis will help your brand stay on top of your readers’ consciousness. Just make sure to tweet useful and relevant information that your followers will read, favorite, and retweet.
  5. By simply “Re-Tweeting” – Retweeting will help you link your own thoughts, and build strong relationships with the leaders of your industry.
  6. By offering special deals and discounts to your followers – You can run contests on Twitter like offering a 50% discount coupon for the next 25 or 50 people who will retweet you, or have people post their pictures using the product or in the store, and draw random winners.
  7. By tracking mentions, and if appropriate, responding – Track mentions of your brand and keywords with the help of hashtag monitoring. It will keep you abreast on whatever is being said about you or your business. After all, current online marketing trends depend a lot on customer service, and many customers today post their concerns and complaints about particular brands on Twitter. You can monitor conversations and when appropriate, join in.

There are many other ways to use Twitter for the purpose of promoting your business other than those presented above. These seven, however, have been proven to be among the most effective.

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