Value of Hashtags + Importance of Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing

Hashtags – a new entrant in our Social Media Marketing sphere. When I joined Twitter back in 2009 the value of hashtags was kind of dormant. Users hardly knew the importance of it. After few months of proper research I used Hashtag-ing mainly on Fridays – #FollowFriday to get to know more users who are particularly interested in mutual followers. As time went by, Big Corporate Honchos, started joining Twitter! The Hashtag game started evolving from the early 2010. Corporates and Big Brands started using #hashtags as their primary medium to draw focus on their own events. It enabled them to monitor and keep track of the ones interested in their events.

What is a Hashtag? How is it applicable for Twitter?

If you take a look at Twitter’s own definition about Hashtags, then they term it as a ‘#‘ symbol that is simply used for tagging special words or keywords related to particular topics while tweeting.

hashtag symbols - Twitter definition

Twitter’s own definition of Hashtag

So, a Hashtag is a # sign that is placed immediately before the target keyword. Examples – #socialmedia , #seo , #giveaways.

Power of Using Hashtags in Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Using Hashtags for your social media marketing campaigns is very useful since it provides a separate category where you can keep track of social mentions about your campaign(topic). The value of the hashtag primarily lies in the exposure that it gets in each of these Social Media networks. For example:- If I were to tweet – “Hey check out this post on #socialmedia” then that #socialmedia hashtag would be exposed to nearly 17,500 followers(at the time of writing). Now, imagine if only 50 of my followers decided to ReTweet this message to their followers – then for each of those 50 retweets would bring in quite an amount of social media exposure from Twitter alone.

By using proper Hashtags the chances to gain more legitimate followers on Twitter increases.

How to use Hashtags on Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook and Instagram

  1. Twitter – If you’re quite new to the world of Hashtags in Twitter then you can start getting along by watching the Twitter Trends section.

  2. Pinterest – Using Hashtags in Pinterest can help other users identify and relate themselves with your Pin. This increases the chances of re-pinning your image on their boards. The method of using hashtags in Pinterest is the same like Twitter. For example – #love just the change in platform.

  3. Google Plus – As we call it Google+ started enabling Hashtags right before they launched the Communities feature. In Google+ once you starting typing your keyword after your (#) sign Google searches for existing hashtags that have been created by other users. This particularly helps you in choosing popular hashtags that already have a bit of momentum in them.

  4. Facebook – Facebook has been testing the Hashtags feature. Will it be beneficial for the users if they actually incorporate this feature? If you see it from a networking perspective then Hashtags has already made it’s mark with the initial launch of Facebook Graph Search. Since the searching capabilities is now limited to just Locations, Likes, Comments it can be really extended using the Hashtags support. This would enable Facebook to capture Public Events as well.

  5. Instagram – You can use Hashtags on your Instagram posts if it is secured. A normal trend is usually noticed as the users hashtag their topics on their related pictures. Something like – #SocialMediaMarketing, #Kolkata, #Asia. Usage is practically similar to that of other social networking sites that allow hashtags. It’s absolutely simple to use them 🙂

Hashtags can be used for fun, making fun of someone’s failure on the other hand, it’s also used for registering instant complains, promoting useful products, creating awareness about an offer.

True Value and Usage of HashTags in Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

People use Hashtags in Social Media Networks to mainly categorize their updates. Let’s say you hashtag a word in Twitter, Google+ or maybe in Instagram then all the users out there will be able to see it. The power of hashtags isn’t limited to just the person’s account or even to his/her network. It kind of goes Global once it’s updated in the main social media stream.

In times of national emergency situations, #Hashtags play a vital role to group all the mentions and replies, updates for everyone to follow.

Before I end this post, keep in mind that the true power of Hashtags lies in the process of effective social media marketing campaigns. The success of your campaign defines how well you can utilize the value of hashtags!

Know the Value + Importance of Hashtags in your social media marketing to deliver successful campaigns + increase your exposure in social media channels
Using Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns
Date Published: 03/03/2013
Reviews the value and how Hashtags are important in Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns.
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